Breastfeeding Can Be A Real Challenge Especially In The First 6 Weeks

You think it should come naturally, but then soon realize it is a learned skill just like so many other things including parenting. I had two very different experiences with feeding each of my children. My firstborn had a tongue tie which at the time and being in the ‘just given birth haze’ I really had no idea what that actually meant. I was given a lot of advice which, looking back, was not very helpful and I was eventually told that my son’s tongue would grow normally over time and would not need surgery. Well, that much was true, however the surgeon also told me it would affect breastfeeding.

So after 3 months of many feeding problem’s including mastitis, sore and wounded nipples, I accidentally came across a so-called silicone nipple protector, which is placed on your sensitive nipples to ease pain during breastfeeding.

This little lifesaver later helped me transition to bottle-feeding (will the full support of my husband of course). It took me a month to ween and we never looked back (until now).

Second time around with my daughter could not have been more different, although I was a little worried in the beginning and it did take 6 weeks to get our rhythm. The best thing about the silicone nipple protector is that it's reusable and you can save it for your second or your third baby. I then went on to breastfeed without a hitch or any pain for 16 months.

When all goes well, breastfeeding can feel like a wonderful intimate dance you share with your baby, where you first must learn the steps and then off and away you go!!!

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