Fun, brain-boosting activities to do at home with your baby

Going lockdown loopy stuck at home all day with your baby? Here are some great games, toys and books to keep your child happy and stimulated.

It's no walk in the park (pun intended!) being cooped up all day at home with your baby. What you need is a range of brain-boosting activities to do with your child to keep them engaged and entertained. Allow us to introduce you to just that...

Here are some great ideas for home-based learning games, books and toys for your baby:

Games to play

While baby activity classes and groups are closed, you may be feeling all out of inspiration for ways to keep your baby entertained and amused (we know we are!). Hurray then for these great ideas for indoor games and activities with babies that feature everything from peek-a-boo animals to home-made sensory tunnels...


It's a lovely habit to cultivate: cuddling up together once (or more) a day to look and point at picture books together. Touch-feely books or, for older babies, lift-the-flap books are always a great hit. But what your baby will love most is the combo of something bright and colourful to look at (and grab) with the warmth of your body and the sound of your voice. Here are a few of our most-loved book recommendations for babies...


Great baby toys don't try to do too much. They're simple and stimulating and keep your child learning as they play.