Southern Hemisphere End of Season Sales Deliver Bargains For The North

I like to think a little more creatively about ways to shop for new mums. One of my biggest thrills is getting quality clothes at excellent prices. So here’s a little tip that will get your mind thinking globally for your next shopping spree.

When summer is ending here in Australia, it is just beginning for you folks up there in the north. That means you can take full advantage of our outstanding sales just in time for your summer – while still being in style, fashion forward, and very 2014. For breastfeeding mums, shopping online at Auqust is the perfect way to do just that.

Topsy Turvy

For new mums shopping online is a lot easier than trying to find time to pop out to the malls. But consider this. When we are saying a sad farewell to perfect summer weather here in Australia, our neighbours to the North are just starting to warm up. That means that the clothes that were on our ‘must have’ lists just a month or so ago, are now at sale prices at a time when they are just becoming in demand in your neck of the woods.

That translates into excellent prices for this year’s fashions. You can shop for all the summer breastfeeding tops, nursing dresses and other nursing clothes you need at season-end prices – if you are quick!

Aussie Dollars

If you are worried about shipping fees from way down under, don’t be. The Australian dollar is currently valued far below the U.S. or even Euros which means for every $1.00 you spend U.S. you are saving anywhere from 10 to 20 cents. That translates into a 10 to 20 percent savings. That’s not too shabby when you consider the great season-end pricing on top of that.

Easy Translation

As the saying goes “it’s all Greek to me”. But that is not the case when shopping online for Australian deals. First, we speak the same language, and second we have an easy-to-use currency conversion facility, based on the country from which you are shopping. A swipe of the mouse and you will see the prices you are actually paying in USD, Euro or CAD. Nothing gets lost in translation.

So think of that ladies. Gorgeous end of season fashions, excellent savings and the stylish breastfeeding clothes you need as a new mum. It’s all right here at Auqust.

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