Thankyou - You Make It All Worthwhile

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you why Auqust is so rewarding for me:

"Hi Merril, Happy to review with 5 stars however I cannot seem to ‘respond’ in space provided. I give 5 stars for the black breastfeeding slip…. i’d been searching for something like this for a few week after giving birth and finally found it, thankyou. Its so great to be able to layer it with my pre-pregnancy clothes and still be able to feed without showing much skin at all. I'll definitely be recommending this item to my friends as they take their turn having children." - Janah S.

"As a new breastfeeding mum I returned home to realise I had no clothing that enabled me to breast feed with ease. I was so excited to hear about Peacymamma as I love fashion and wanted to continue to dress well while breastfeeding. The tops I purchased are vibrant and flattering as well as comfy and practical. They were also affordable. I am very thankful Auqust exists!" - Belinda O.

"Thank Goodness for Auqust. I was really despairing at the lack of clothes for breastfeeding that weren't also for maternity. I'm so glad I found Auqust on the Internet! Now I have some gorgeous clothes that look great and are practical - making this mama feel much more peachy!! :) Thank you!" - Michelle J.

Its emails like these that make it all worth while. I'm so delighted to be able to help so many women with Auqust, thanks again for all your wonderful support!


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