Why Breastfeeding Tops Are Not Like Maternity Tops

Your pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit and maternity tops have no shape - we'll show you how breastfeeding tops can be flattering for your post-maternity body.

A friend once told me that being pregnant was great because it was the only time she felt she could exhale.
After the birth of my baby, I kind of missed that feeling, although I didn’t miss the maternity clothes. I also noticed some not-so-flattering parts of my after-pregnancy body that I wasn’t quite sure how to handle.

If you are having the same struggle, here are some tips on finding the perfect breastfeeding tops that will create a more flattering silhouette for your new mum's body.

Fitted Top, Flouncy Bottom

One thing I noticed that didn't work with maternity wear was that it wasn’t fitted across my tummy. Once your baby bump goes, maternity tops look more like a tent than a shirt. Too much excess fabric will do the opposite of camouflaging your tummy and instead draw attention to it.

Look for tops with a normal fit across your bust and in the arms, but with just a slight draping across the tummy. A classic empire waist accents the shape of your gorgeous new mom-curves, as long as it is not pulling too tight across your middle. As well, although you don’t need a deep plunging neckline, the décolleté of a new mum is very sexy and lower or rounder necklines can help elongate and flatter in all the right places.

Great Lengths

Tunic shirts are in style – and having that longer shirt covering your tummy is perfect. A shirt that lands mid-thigh or just above the knee looks cute and fashion-forward. Stripes work well, but so do bold patterns that create a little ‘noise’ around the tummy area that distract from your less flattering areas. These tops look great with leggings which, in simple black, can be very slimming.

Breastfeeding Tops

The next challenge for breastfeeding mums is finding breastfeeding tops that are ideal for nursing yet still look like a current fashion item. Many breastfeeding tops make perfect use of the empire line by including a clever panel that opens for feedings. Having the breastfeeding access built into the design of the shirt is a real plus.

Being a new mum doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style.

The breastfeeding tops here at Auqust are designed to not only make nursing your baby easier but to appeal to your sense of style as well.

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